172nd EAAE Seminar

29 May 2019
Societal Metabolism
Climate Change
Keith Matthews

Oral presentation by Keith Matthews (The James Hutton Institute) at the 172nd European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) Seminar: 'Agricultural policy for the environment or environmental policy for agriculture?', 28-29 May 2019, Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels. Event co-organized by the Commission department for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). More details on the event can be found in the program below. 

Quote as: K.B. Matthews, K.L. Blackstock, K.A. Waylen, A. Juarez Bourke, M. Rivington, D.G. Miller, D. Wardell-Johnson, V. Cabello Villarejo, Z. Kovacic, A. Renner, M. Ripa, M. Giampietro (2019), 'Using deliberative societal metabolism analysis to analyse CAP’s delivery of EU sustainability and climate change objectives', presentation at the 172nd EAAE Seminar ‘Agricultural Policy for the Environment or Environmental Policy for Agriculture?‘, 29 May 2019, Brussels.


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