Open Research data

One of the fundamental tasks in the MAGIC project has been setting up a thoroughly elaborated collection of biophysical and socio-economic data sets related to the policy and innovation case studies. This collection of datasets underpins the deployment of a broad knowledge base and allows users to not only reproduce the MAGIC studies but also address new research questions. 

To the end of guaranteeing the availability and reusability of the data produced in the project, the curated datasets along with suitable context information (scientific papers and/or deliverable reports) have been published on the open-access platform Zenodo in a dedicated MAGIC community

In line with the MAGIC Data Management Plan (DMP), the process for releasing case-study data consisted of two stages:

  1. elaboration and harmonization, sustained by sharing datasets and related documents on a data repository internal to the consortium,
  2. dissemination of results and release of open research data in line with the Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP) and as such fully compliant with the principle of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data (curated datasets made available on Zenodo). 

Case study records have been annotated with metadata following the Dublin Core generic metadata standard (having four levels of interoperability, divided into 15 sections for data description) and ISO 19139 (the latest being an implementation of ISO 19115, concerning geographic information metadata) using a tool called GeoNetwork. This guarantees an easy and safe handling of geographic data.

All MAGIC data sets can be accessed on Zenodo, following this link