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What does the concept of the Circular Economy mean?

The Circular Economy is attracting increasing attention from researchers, funding agencies, policy makers and industry. The European Union invested EUR 184 million in 2016 alone on green projects, almost half of which were on the Circular Economy. What is so special about the Circular Economy?

Can the Circular Economy boost job creation?

The European Union’s Circular Economy plan needs to push circularity beyond waste management in order to realize its job creation potential.

Acknowledging risk migration in recycling

How can science and policy deal with the uncertainty of the potential risks the recycling poses to human health and the environment?

What type of complexities are involved in circularity?

Circularity means different things in physics, biology and economics. But what do different narratives imply for European policy?

Infographic: Measuring circularity

This infographic shows the circularity of the economy from a systems perspective, showing which types of materials are being recycled and reused and in which sectors.

VIDEO: What will it take to 'Close the Loop?'

Find out what narratives and indicators can be used to understand the Circular Economy in this video.