Illustrations of MuSIASEM: Desalination in Gran Canaria

28 November 2017
Local level

Illustrations of MuSIASEM: How does it work and what new insights can it provide?

Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism (MuSIASEM) is a novel tool to analyse the water-energy-food nexus. MuSIASEM provides meta-protocols to analyse the complex metabolism of social-ecological systems. They currently focus on water, energy, food, land-use and emissions, but other elements can be added. We like to call these meta-protocols ‘grammars’. MuSIASEM grammars can be applied to a wide variety of practical situations at various levels of analysis (local, regional, national, EU, watershed).

This case study focuses on the local level: Desalination for agriculture using wind energy in Gran Canaria, Spain

A procedure for integrated and multi-level accounting of the nexus (water, energy, food and land use) in relation to the use of freshwater from desalination powered by windmills to irrigate crops.

Full details are available in Deliverable 4.1 - Report on Nexus Security using Quantitative Story-telling


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