Deliverable D7.13: Permanent Platform: The Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub

20 November 2020
Uncomfortable Knowledge
Quantitative Storytelling
Post-Normal Science
Giampietro, Renner & Bukkens

Please cite as: Giampietro M, Renner A & Bukkens SGF (2021), ‘Permanent Platform: The Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub’, MAGIC (H2020 – GA 689669) Project Deliverable 7.13, Revision (version 2.0). First published 20 November 2020, revised 25 January 2021.



The Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub (UKH) is a permanent platform of interaction with society that continues the legacy of the MAGIC project. The platform has three goals:

  1. Ensure that the outcomes generated in MAGIC have a life beyond the end of the project;
  2. Flag the obsolescence of the prevailing narratives used by EU and other public institutions to frame sustainability problems;
  3. Stimulate a reflection on the systemic problem experienced by these institutions in controlling the quality of the information used in their process of decision making. 

The branding of the platform is centered on the concept of ‘uncomfortable knowledge’ and the response of EU and other public institutions to this knowledge, i.e., the ‘4Ds’: denial, dismissal, diversion, displacement. The six policy concerns currently covered by the UKH include: ‘Farm to Fork: Updating narratives about agriculture’; ‘Decarbonization of electricity production’; ‘Decarbonization of liquid fuels’; ‘Circular economy and the use of policy legends’; ‘Energy efficiency: A treacherous concept’; ‘Complexity and scientific advice’. The UKH is organized according to the strategy of progressive disclosure of information: it acquaints the user with a specific topic through a gradual complexification of material presented. For each of the policy concerns, a satirical cartoon gives a light first idea of the topic addressed. A short 90-second animated video then provides an overview of the main points that will be made. Next, between one and three lecture videos expand in detail on the key themes of the policy concern. Lastly, published material is made available for further information. The Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub will be managed and expanded by the non-profit scientific association LIPHE4 ( in collaboration with interested project partners.